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Free Template for Sketching the iPhone Experience

We are living in a digital World, were we post notes on our Phone and write eMails instead of real letters. But when it comes to visualizing some screens or a whole screen flow of your concept, you are much faster with sketching like Philipp pointed out on his post. While we are designing the interactive Experience for mobile as well, it‘s pretty cool to have a template for your sketches.

So we made one for our everyday work based on the iPhone 4S. Afterwards we thought: »Let‘s give it away for free for people.« We did the Illustrator work and you can focus on sketching your Experiences. Enjoy and spread it around!

Download: iPhone Sketch Template for free (Scaled 1:1,4 as PDF, 266 KB)

Download: iPhone Sketch Template for free (Original Size as PDF, 270 KB)

Last Update: 29th Feb. 2012
- Grid is now 80 px which fits better to iPhone proportions
- Additional version with the original size of the iPhone 4S (115,2 x 58,6 mm)

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